Month: June 2015

EXTRA: Marriage Equality Comes to the US

Marriage equality’s fashionably late arrival to the United States, reactions from some of the plaintiffs in the case and the LGBT community. Forgive the audio dropout in the middle. Of course I developed internet problems the first time I ever broadcast live =\

#019 – Imaginary Gaytheists Show!

On this episode, the gaytheists have some fun with Jake Farr-Wharton (@JakeFarrWharton) and Nick Morgan-Moore (@nickmorganmoore) of The Imaginary Friends Show. We dissect some recent headlines and do our best to make light of what can otherwise be a pretty bleak situation.

#018 – Ryan Bell

The Gaytheists have a chat with Year Without God’s Ryan Bell about his journey from ministry as a Seventh Day Adventist Minister to atheism, and his work with PATH in serving the homeless.

#017 – Transgender 101

Callie has a conversation with a new friend named Andre, who admitted at first that transgender people made him a little uncomfortable. So she decided to answer his questions!

#016 – Caitlyn & Justice VS Equality

The Gaytheists have a talk about the implications to the
LGBT community of Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out, and whether or not equality is enough.