#021 – Privilege!

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The gaytheists breakdown what privilege is (and isn’t), discuss how it manifests in daily life, and how we can weaponize the privileges we have to make the world a better place

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Last modified: July 9, 2015

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#021 – Privilege!

  1. Mike.K. says:

    On the “True Christian” comment, many forget that at recently as the 60’s there was a great deal of animosity between Catholics and Protestants. It was not until Vatican Council II that official Catholic dogma was changed from “Protestants follow a movement heretical against Mother Church” to “Protestants are brethren in Christ”. My dad’s parents had “CATHOLICS GO HOME!” written on the sidewalk outside their house when they moved to the suburbs in 1964.

    Among Evangelicals, Catholics are idolators and false Christians. I’ve listened to co-workers try to explain why Catholics are not really Christian. (One actually said to two Catholics and one ex-Catholic-groomed-for-priesthood [me] that Catholics believe in reincarnation, and insisted that she was right and everyone arguing against her was wrong.) I also listened to a co-worker explain that “real Christian” is anyone who had a “born again” experience, and the rest are essentially well meaning but wrong.

    Anti-Catholic sentiment extends to Anglicans and Episcopalians. Let’s also not forget that most Christians think Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are cults. The same often extends to Pentecostals and Church of Christ, while those think everyone else deluded by the Devil.

    Unless everyone is banding together against reproductive control or LGBT people, “the wrong kind of Christian” is a very real thing.

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