Month: March 2016

#058 – Let’s (Really) Talk About Surgery

Callie and Ari have a chat with some friends about what surgery really means to trans people and why its as important and necessary as any other medical care.


EXTRA: North Carolina Sucks

The Atheist Avengers and The Gaytheist Manifesto team up to deconstruct one of the most harsh anti-LGBT bills ever in the United States

#057 – Trans Parenting

Callie and Ari talk with Sharon Bush from the Unbuckling the Bible Belt podcast about her experience parenting a trans child

The TED talk referenced:


#056 – Triggered By Eli Bosnick in my Safe Space

Callie and Ari have a chat with host of God Awful Movies Eli Bosnick about his podcast, and we discuss the recent controversy in the atheist movement surrounding the ideas of safe space vs free speech
God Awful Movies –


#055 – Recovering From Religion

Callie has a discussion with Gayle Jordan, the new executive director of Recovering From Religion about her own path out of religion, into activism, and what Recovering From Religion does to help those in that transition.


Music –

#054 – Engage!

Callie and Ari talk with Kile Jones, founder of Interview an Atheist at Church Day to talk about the best ways to have conversations with those we have disagreements with.

My blog post where I answer “10 questions for every atheist”: