Month: August 2016

#080 – Legal Edition

A conversation with attorney Andrew Torrez about the legal questions surrounding religious freedom and LGBTQ discrimination

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David Smalley’s Christian Mingle Post:

Andrew’s Christian Mingle Post:

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EXTRA: When is disagreement not *just* disagreement?

This is almost certain to be the last thing I’m going to say publicly about this mess. After some conversation and self reflection, there is a broader point to be made here. I hope this short episode makes it clearly. After this, I’m moving on with my life.

#079 – Good News Edition

A semi regular entry into our good news series where we share good things happening in our own lives, the lives of our listeners, and the world around us. This week’s special guest is a friend of mine named Keira <3

Trans man Chris Mosier featured in a Nike ad:

Rugby player is our inspiration:

Rugby players get engaged:

Kate Brown Oregeon Governor commencement address talks about being bisexual:

Far right christian changes mind on gay equality:

Hillary Clinton’s interview with The Advocate

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#078 – Let’s Get Biskeptical

A conversation about bisexuality with Trav Mamone and Morgan Stringer of the Biskeptical Podcast

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#077 – DNC Wrap Up

A conversation with Eli Bosnick and Thomas Smith about the Democratic National Convention, and their thoughts on the idea of voting 3rd party.

Atheistically Speaking:

Scathing Atheist:

God Awful Movies:

Donald Trump’s Ghost Writer Speaks Out:


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