#100 – Should Atheists Be Anti-Theists?

One comment on “#100 – Should Atheists Be Anti-Theists?

  1. Johnathan Arriola says:

    The problem seems to be one of statistically significant detection. That is, where does the science of influence and moral framing point to as the best method of changing people’s minds. From a philosophical standpoint the discussion is riveting. From a social scientist stand point … I’m Not a social scientist.
    Secondly running into a religious person that is only alive because of faith, sounds like a rarity rather than regularity. It might not be. But feels like it is. If it is then spending time on the matter is baking a cake in a house fire. One that is best left to psychological professionals, of which we are not. Some of you are but still not most of us.

    Deep Regards,
    Johnathan Arriola

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