Callie Wright

#136 – A Guide to Killing Language

How do we navigate around the mental blocks people have around social justice language? When we use words like privilege, oppression, or patriarchy, often that’s the end of the conversation. People’s minds shut down, and we lose the argument. How do we fight that? How do we keep the integrity of our message while modifying our approach to be more effective?

We also broach the question of which conversations are even worth engaging in. On one side, you have the SJW folks who are more or less onboard with our message. On the other side, you have literal flag waving nazis. We don’t need to spent too much time preaching to the former, and its not usually worth engaging with the latter. There’s a huge space in between. How do we identify those conversations?

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#135 – Callie’s New Gender Feels

Since I had my bottom surgery, I’ve been having some new and weird thoughts about my identity. I’m…not entirely sure the binary makes sense to me anymore. I thought I’d spend some time talking through it with Ari. I think it’s a super valuable conversation and it was deeply helpful to me in thinking through these new feelings. I hope you get something out of it too!

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#134 – Sit Down, Shut Up w/Lauren Kashan of Sharptooth

Had an awesome chat with the frontwoman of a badass feminist hardcore band about the power of music, and how we deal with sexism in movements that are supposed to be above it.

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#133 – Madison Kimrey

Had a chat with youth empowerment activist Madison Kimrey. Spoiler alert: She’s one of my new favorite people!

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#132 – My Vagina: A Love Story

This week’s episode is my talk from the Pennsylvania State Atheist Humanist Convention. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed giving it!

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#131 – Even Thomas Smith Has Good News!

Good news episodes seem called for more and more often lately. And who better for this episode than the one and only Thomas Smith? Let’s geek out on some good things yeah?

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I loved Thomas’ analysis of the whole Pence football thing, but we’re not going to send the Mike Pence story anymore clicks =D

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#129 – Queer Disbelief w/Camille Beredjick

We found an activist doing almost the same work as us, but in different mediums. How did we not know each other before?!? Camille Beredjick is the author of an upcoming book called Queer Disbelief. It’s a book about why the LGBTQ movement will be stronger if atheists get involved and vice versa.

This concept sounds pretty familiar to folks who listen to the show, but our conversation still felt very fresh. We’re big fans of the work Camille is doing and we think you will be too.

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#128 – Surgery AMA

We asked you to ask us anything, and ask you did! Let’s hear the nitty gritty details about bottom surgery for trans women from a few of us who’ve had it recently!

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