#018 – Ryan Bell

The Gaytheists have a chat with Year Without God’s Ryan Bell about his journey from ministry as a Seventh Day Adventist Minister to atheism, and his work with PATH in serving the homeless.

#016 – Caitlyn & Justice VS Equality

The Gaytheists have a talk about the implications to the
LGBT community of Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out, and whether or not equality is enough.

#015 – Share This One With Your Friends

We have a talk geared toward people who may be a tad on
the skeptical side when it comes to the issues LGBT people face.

#014 – Coming Out

The Gaytheists discuss the subject of coming out, both as
atheists and as LGBT. We have conversations with Dogma Debate’s Lydia Allan about coming out as atheist, and with Danielle Muscato, Communications Director of American Atheists about her experience coming out as trans.

#013 – The Mormons!

We have an awesome talk with Seth, a gay ex Mormon, and
Kristen, a transgender ex Mormon about their experiences growing up in and eventually leaving the Mormon church.

#012 – What’s Activism?

The Gaytheists have a talk about what it means to be an
activist and the various ways we choose to make a difference in our communities.

#011 – ReasonCon Wrap Up

This is our wrap up of ReasonCon 2015 and what it meant
to me and other queer folks who attended.

#008 – What’s genderqueer?

We have a chat with Trav Mamone of the Bi Any Means
podcast to discuss what it means to be genderqueer.