#007 – Religious Freedom

This week we tackle these ridiculous “religious freedom”
bills we’ve been hearing so much about

#006 – Good News Edition 1 w/Camp Quest

The first of the occasional all good news editions of The Manifesto. We highlight some awesome things happening in both the atheist and LGBT communities, and round things out with an interview with Shawn Jeffers, the national board chair for Camp Quest.

#005 -The Unholy Trinity Tour Down Under

We had the chance to chat with Seth Andrews, Matt
Dillahunty, and AronRa while they’re touring Australia, so we talk
with them about various issues the LGBT community faces.

#004 – #wejustneedtopee

We take on the ridiculous assault on trans people’s right to use public restrooms.

#003 – A Conversation With Adam Reakes

Gaytheist bible study, atheist/homosexual obesity according to Conservapedia, and a conversation with a The Herd Mentality’s Adam Reakes about his stay with two gay host dads in France.

#002 – What are we for?

In this episode we hear about a major blow to conversion therapy in NJ, we learn about Conservapedia’s view of homosexuality, and we have a broad ranging conversation about the rhetoric in the atheist community and whether or not it contributed to what happened in Chapel Hill.

#001 – Do Gays Deserve Death?

A conversation with director of Secular Avenue, Noelle George, and a very special first Gaytheist Bible study with David Fitzgerald, where we ask if gay people really do deserve death according to The Bible.